Bringing to Life the Story of how Kroger’s Fair Trade Certified™ Simple Truth™ Tea Products are Sourced, Harvested, and Processed by Women in Rwanda, Africa.

Cincinnati, OH – New York, NY – Washington, DC
March 2019


  • In recognition of International Women’s Day 2019, The Kroger Co. tasked AGAR with driving awareness and educating employees, stakeholders, and the public of Kroger’s programming and global support of women socially, economically, and culturally.
  • Bring to life the story of how Kroger’s Fair Trade Certified™ Simple Truth™ tea products are sourced, harvested, and processed by women in Rwanda, Africa.
  • Ensure that Kroger’s core principle of “food first” was incorporated into the experience.



  • Develop an immersive and interactive environment highlighting Simple Truth™ teas and the women leading and processing the tea from Rwanda’s Sorwathe Tea Estate.
  • Integrate a 360˚ Virtual Reality experience, multi-sensory touch points, and Simple Truth™ branding/product sampling.
  • The environmental build out took guests on a journey through the rolling hills of the Sorwathe Tea Estate. The 10×20 space utilized faux grass flooring accompanied by a field of 200+ real tea plants (camellia sinensis), and mulch pathways leading to sensory-experience stations and a reclaimed wood, Simple Truth™ tea-tasting hut. The experience was also amplified with the inclusion of tea-scented diffusers, local ambient Rwanda-jungle nature sounds, and authentic Fair Trade Certified™ African decor.
  • As visitors entered the space, a short documentary educates guests about Kroger’s journey to Rwanda and producing Fair Trade Certified™ Tea products.
  • From there, guests are virtually immersed into the life of a Sorwathe Tea Estate tealeaf harvester in a 360˚ video of “Denise’s Story” via Occulus GO VR goggles.
  • Through the experience, guests to interacted with various sensory stations allowing them to touch, see, and smell the tea leaves and the surrounding environment.
  • As guests concluded their visit through the Rwandan Tea Experience, all are invited to Take Time For Tea at the self-serving Simple Truth™ tea hut.


  • The one-time activation turned into an ask from various members of The Kroger Co. team to reproduce the experience varying from shareholder and brand associate meetings to retail pop-ups and award conferences.
  • The activation drove positive awareness and engagement from U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.
  • The experience generated internal company buzz and leadership acknowledgement from Kroger’s executive team.



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