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Creating strong content to deliver a call to action

AGAR - Treat The Troops


AGAR was approached by the nonprofit organization Treat the Troops, to help build awareness and amplify their message. With a mission of letting deployed American military know that those at home are remembering them, the organization empowers people to send cookies, free of charge.

With the goal to help drive their content forward and continue to amplify their selfless message, AGAR helped reimagine their social media strategy, providing a consistent tone of voice, an elevated message, and an overall greater reach.

Working closely with the non-profit, we began to create and manage all their organic social media content, paid social advertisements, placements, and general web support. Leading content creation, the team captured meaningful stories, including interviews with founder Jeanette Cram, to celebrate her legacy and positive impact on military persons and their families, all across the country. 

AGAR - Treat The Troops


AGAR is proud to continue our partnership with Treat the Troops to help drive their content forward and continue to amplify their message. The organization has grown to a nationwide network of committed volunteers, aka “Crumbs,” who along with their friends, local schools, businesses, and religious groups, have sent over 8 million cookies to our deployed US soldiers. The organization’s social accounts received over 5 million impressions last year alone.