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Translating brand into experience

AGAR - Smartwater - Kroger Wellness Festival


Smartwater motivates people to better themselves every day, challenging the status quo and challenging their consumers to do the same. AGAR partnered with Smartwater to help translate their brand mission and purpose into an experiential activation at the Kroger Wellness Festival. Celebrating the brand’s promise of smart hydration for every occasion and motivating its consumers, the experience invited guests to push forward and exercise their body and their mind.

Working closely with Smartwater, we designed, produced, fabricated, and activated a one-of-a-kind experience that helped reinforce the brand’s tech-driven product innovation and its purpose-driven promise to consumers.

With a choose-your-own-adventure format, guests were presented with two options: “Exercise Your Mind” celebrating Smartwater Original, challenging guests with a custom-designed brain teasers game, or the“Exercise Your Body” experience, celebrating Smartwater Alkaline, challenging guests to a hand pedal race to reach the perfect pH. Celebrating the best of both products, a blue and black heroic backdrop tied the activation together and served as a branded focal for a meet and greet with ambassador and beloved Peloton instructor, Alex Toussaint.

AGAR ensured that Smartwater’s mission to motivate themselves every day resonated throughout the experience. Brand ambassadors guided guests through the experience, encouraging participation and engagement while a dynamic, music-filled sample bar allowed guests to taste and trial products. The gamified experience encouraged social content creation and sharing. We also supported the brand with talent management and curated programming from Alex Toussaint at the Kroger Wellness Festival’s main stage. Alex’s personal story of perseverance, dedication, and finding “your routine” inspired the audience to exercise their mind and body everyday. 

AGAR x Smartwater - Kroger Wellness Festival


The experience engaged more than 4,500 consumers with over 4,000 Smartwater bottles branded SWAG and limited edition premium giveaways distributed. Exclusive programming, dynamic content, and engaging activations drove meaningful awareness and engagement for the Smartwater brand.