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Demonstrating a brand promise direct to consumers

AGAR - Kroger


Kroger continues to challenge AGAR to develop fresh and unique ways to reach consumers through memorable brand experiences that also drive consideration, trial, and purchase. The goal is to leverage guerrilla marketing, social channels, pop-up activations, events, and partnerships to provide positive experiences, generate awareness, and drive engagement and sales of Kroger products and services.

From the delivery program to activating their beloved Kroji mascots, AGAR has partnered with Kroger for over a decade to elevate consumer engagement across channels.

AGAR assisted in the go-to-market strategy for the Kroger Delivery program, creating a cohesive plan to drive delivery awareness, competitive differentiation, and brand recognition. Street teams were created in key markets to amplify awareness and spread key messaging across neighborhoods. 

We also work closely with the Kroger Social Team, activating 50+ influencers to support the Kroger Boost program.  We helped Kroger partner with celebrity ambassadors like singer Kane Brown and actor and comedian Kalen Allen, to drive brand engagement and purchasing behavior. The Kroger Value Tour with Kalen Allen attracted new brand loyalists and encouraged sign-ups for the brand’s rewards programs. 

The team also created the Kroji Costume experience, capitalizing on consumer love for the mascots, in which divisions can arrange costume characters, staffing, and branded promo items for company events, store openings, and more. In the first 10 months, the Kroji costume characters traveled more than 9k miles.

In addition, AGAR has helped Kroger with their public charity Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation, produced and coordinated events at their annual Kroger Wellness Festival, created a variety of activations for their Simple Truth brand, and helped elevate their Fresh Cart installation program. 

AGAR - Kroger


Working closely with Kroger, AGAR has been able to:

  • Foster trust, loyalty, and brand affinity by supporting Kroger Delivery with an influencer content series that educated and entertained, with Influencer impressions up 300% in the last year.
  • Enhance brand awareness and reputation by creating a dynamic and unforgettable direct-to-consumer mobile experience that drove trial for Our Brands products, with more than 37 activations in five years.
  • Drive relevance through business growth by attracting new households, with more than 70% of consumers who attended events reporting that they learned something new at the activations.
  • Become collaborative, trusted long-term partners by developing a content tool kit for Kroger Delivery that was used cross-functionally throughout the Kroger Enterprise.