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Creating events that build brand awareness and loyalty, cultivating intangibles in emerging retail experiences



AGAR partnered with Insa, a leading dispensary with the goal of bringing cannabis for real life to the everyman, to create memorable, public-facing events that increased awareness, connected with customers, and drove brand affinity. Insa was looking to expand their footprint into new markets and needed to create experiences that would successfully differentiate the brand.

4/20 Activation

Leveraging the global cannabis holiday on April 20 (4/20), the team created a customizable experience where consumers were treated to an immersive brand journey, through a cutting-edge VR experience, complemented by exclusive branded swag. The VR program was designed to allow guests to personalize their exploration by selecting specific cannabis benefits through a dedicated app. This virtual adventure delved into facets of the brand, offering insights into cultivation, the craft process, as well as details about stores, products, safety measures, and more. The experience extended beyond virtual as customers were enveloped in a sensory extravaganza, featuring captivating scents, vibrant sounds, and tantalizing tastes that brought the brand to life. The celebration was further enhanced with live DJs, photo moments, product samples, and giveaways. 

Florida Expansion

Building off the success of the 4/20 activation, we created a series of grand opening events as the brand expanded into the Florida market. The team created an elevated on-site activation and communication plan delivered as a kit-of-parts to efficiently scale the experience for future openings. The activations included collateral, a branded booth, influencer engagement, Insa-inspired refreshments, a customized VR experience, and more. Following the activations, guests were invited into the store to experience Insa for real.



Both the 4/20 activation and The Florida expansion delivered impressive outcomes, witnessing a surge in sales and heightened brand recognition. The events attracted loyal repeat customers, eager to engage in the unique experience. Notably, the event garnered national and regional media coverage, extending Insa’s influence beyond immediate attendees. The brand now has more than 20 locations, including nine in Florida.