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Inviting you to elevate your curiosity, conceive the unimaginable, and startle the status quo



An AGAR owned venue, the goal with Ghost Baby was to create a destination that would elevate your curiosity, conceive the unimaginable and startle the status quo five-stories beneath the busy streets of Cincinnati. The challenge was to transform a historic underground tunnel into an upscale nightlife venue and attract individuals far and wide for an inviting, one-of-a-kind experience.

With music, camaraderie, and revelry, Ghost Baby brought new life into this historic space.

Once used to cool and age beer, this 170-year-old lagering tunnel was reimagined as an ever-changing urban theater. Featuring dimly light rooms, high ceilings, and stone arches, the space evokes an eclectic elegance that makes an impact. Tassel-detailing, crushed velvet, and crystal chandeliers complete the stylish speakeasy. The space hosts live performances every night from a variety of local artists, providing a unique experience each and every visit. More than just a bar, it’s an immersive experience, showcasing curated art, design, cocktails, live music, and more.



The thriving venue has been selected as one of the “Best Places to Go in the US” by Condé Nast; named one of the “Best Bars in America” by Esquire Magazine; and most recently the venue was featured in National Geographic.