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Leveraging world-class public art and placemaking to inspire a future city

AGAR - Blink Festival


With the goal of creating a manifesto for a future city and bringing national awareness and global buzz to Cincinnati, AGAR joined a handful of creative leaders and the City of Cincinnati to design an event that would illuminate a path toward inclusion and possibility, leveraging the great equalizer: art. With this lofty goal in mind, BLINK was born, the nation’s largest immersive art festival, now in its third year.

BLINK is positioned as a gift to the region, being a 100% free public event, the experience is a one-of-a-kind memory for all.

The festival continues to bring together an impressive array of international, regional, and local artists to craft original art forms. Activations include large-scale projection mapping, street murals, interactive light sculptures, and a variety of musical acts spanning 30 city blocks. Renowned artists such as Tristan Eaton, Insane 51, Shantell Martin, and Max Sansing contribute to the vibrant tapestry of creativity. The four-day event is self-guided by an experiential map  featuring large-scale, beacon attractions as well as smaller breadcrumb activations, encouraging a sense of discovery and greater awareness of the community. Attractions are often tucked in lesser traveled locations to guide people off the beaten path for surprise and exploration. A global social media strategy, managed by AGAR, raises awareness, attracting attendees from near and far.

BLINK Festival - AGAR


The impact of BLINK extends beyond the artistic realm, contributing significantly to the local economy with a substantial lift of over $126 million in the hospitality, retail, and regional government/tourism sectors. This economic boom is accompanied by widespread global recognition, as BLINK garners top-tier exposure from renowned media channels such as Forbes, Biz Bash, Fast Company, Colossal Magazine, PBS, and more. The festival’s global appeal is evident in its record-breaking attendance, surpassing 2.1 million people and solidifying its position as the largest event in the history of the region. Beyond the temporal nature of the event, BLINK leaves a lasting mark with the addition of 17 permanent murals, enriching the city’s landscape with vibrant and enduring artistic expressions.