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Creating company connection, learning, and sharing in a virtual environment

AGAR - Altafiber


Telecommunications company Altafiber found itself in the midst of change and transformation. They looked to AGAR to create a virtual corporate engagement experience – one that would inform, educate, and rally their employees around a shared vision for the future.
AGAR's creation, BEYOND, was a comprehensive 3-Day Virtual Onboarding Experience facilitated through a custom interactive website.

Day 1 featured a 2-hour live broadcast with hosts and company executives, enriched with branded animations and a custom Altafiber set. The broadcast also allowed live audience interaction through a chat box. Day 2 involved employee exploration of the BEYOND website, completing training materials and quizzes with personalized login credentials. Prizes were awarded to boost engagement and encourage participation. Finally, Day 3 presented a mix of live and pre-recorded content, with hosts outlining Altafiber goals, addressing employee queries, and awarding prizes. The entire event’s broadcasts were archived on the BEYOND website for future accessibility.

Altafiber - AGAR


The BEYOND onboarding experience saw remarkable engagement with over 3,000 unique users participating. The live broadcasts garnered over 1,000 viewers each, fostering a widespread audience. The interactive nature of the program led to hundreds of chat engagements during the broadcasts, promoting real-time interaction. The self-guided experience on the BEYOND website resulted in hundreds of comments and posts on conversation boards, enhancing collaborative learning. Recognizing and rewarding engagement, over $7,500 in giveaways and prizes were distributed, underlying the success of the initiative in not only informing but actively involving and inspiring employees.