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BLINK Camp: A Beacon of Artistic Innovation and Collaboration

Written by: Andrew Salzbrun

Last month, 3 Button Ranch played host to an experience that moved my creative spirit. The concept for BLINK Camp was drawn up on the back of a napkin while sitting in a bar in Prague (where all good ideas come from). Produced by the team behind BLINK Cincinnati, Camp gathered a dynamic community of artists to foster collaboration and innovation with the goal of providing artists with an environment where they could share knowledge, push boundaries, and prepare for the highly anticipated return of BLINK in October 2024.

During Camp, I witnessed artists brave the elements, workshop concepts, and explore new technologies and creative methods. This initiative was not just about individual growth; it aimed to build a robust network of artists, unified by their shared passion for light art – and the energy was palpable. The convergence of diverse artistic minds resulted in a fertile ground for innovation. The most significant takeaway from the weekend-long event was the affirmation of community and collaboration as vital components of the creative process. By integrating artists from various backgrounds and disciplines, Camp fostered a multifaceted dialogue that elevated the artistic experience. This diversity not only sparked innovative approaches but also emphasized the necessity of dedicated spaces for artistic experimentation and growth.

As we look towards BLINK 2024, the insights and connections formed during Camp will undoubtedly resonate through the streets of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, redefining what a future city looks like. The anticipation is building as artists continue to refine their projects, inspired by the collaborative spirit of Camp. This October, the city will once again be illuminated by the brilliance of BLINK, promising an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

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