We believe human experience is invaluable.

At AGAR, our team of creators, makers and producers has their fingers on the pulse of cultural relevance and access to the right people, places and things to facilitate connection, drive action, empower change and grow culture.

Founded on the premise that as the world grows more and more digital the value of a human connection and experience inherently increases, AGAR’s business was built by putting people at the center of all that we do and partnering with future-forward thinkers focused on:

  • Experiential design and marketing
  • Event production
  • Experiential communications
  • Community impact


Through immersive storytelling, sensory experiential design and creating memories that last a lifetime, AGAR creates real connections with real people that drive real impact for companies, people and the communities we serve.

What makes AGAR different is our strength as a company and our promise of:

  • Internal agility and mastery.
  • Deep understanding of human interaction and behavior in social situations.
  • Honed areas of expertise and direct access to influencers, creators, makers, innovators and thought leaders.
  • Diverse thinking and unique perspectives that allow us to anticipate future needs (and adapt accordingly).
  • A proven track record of dedication and commitment to partnership and success.