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Experiential Trends Redefining 2024

We are all human. At our core, we strive for connectivity – connectivity with ourselves, with others, with our communities, and with the world. 2024 will be a year focused on being human – finding ourselves in the larger global ethos that continues to unfold each and every day. This year will be focused on forming relationships with people and brands that matter most to us as individuals, leveraging evolving technologies that provide new, untapped opportunities, and firmly rooting ourselves in the communities that help us connect on another level today and in the future.

To this end, AGAR’s team of expert designers, creators, and producers have identified nine experiential trends showcasing this humanistic connection and redefining 2024 for consumers. Brands should take note and adjust their strategy accordingly.

  1. Generation of Occasion. Consumers have never been more intentional about crafting unique experiences. Brands have an opportunity to help define new occasions and invite consumers to partake, celebrate, and create memorable moments.
  2. Retail Murder Suicide. Disruption can breed innovation, but it’s important to remember that not all disruption has staying power.
  3. Maxed Out. Consumers are maxed out, so brands are going above and beyond to stand out from the crowd. In 2024, more is more.
  4. Unconscious Contradiction. Time is money and today’s consumers value their time, but at what price ultimately to brands and retailers?
  5. Blurred Verticals. Live, work, and play is no longer defined by traditional hours or destinations. Brands will need to redefine what it means to show-up for consumers.
  6. Communal Commerce. While online shopping has become a social affair fueled by word-of-mouth marketing, brands need to be very conscious of creating an authentic community.
  7. Year of the Campaign. While extreme political divides will cause many brands to tread lightly on the political front, they cannot on the experiential front.
  8. Empathetic AI. AI provides the power to improve the human experience and data can drive innovation, but the question we must ask is: can it speak to the soul?
  9. Mixed Realities. New technology, data, narratives, facts (and sometimes fiction) are blending today’s realities with tomorrow’s possibilities, leaving consumers curious – and at times confused
AGAR INSIGHTS Experiential Trend Report AGAR has identified 9 experiential marketing trends showcasing the humanistic connection and redefining 2024 and beyond.